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Air Soft Game Park
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Airsoft or Softair is a tactical game that should be played on a terrain that is enthralling and varied as possible, which is a given at Hangar 37 on Gran Canaria. In the game, teams compete in different scenarios against each other, so it does not get boring. At the Hangar 37 Airsoft battle field there are also operators who ensure that everyone is involved in the game.The principle of the or airsoft battle is similar to that of Paintball or Laserdrome games. However, small balls made of plastic are used here instead. These small balls do not hurt nor bruise as paint balls can do.You can visit Hangar 37 on Gran Canaria alone, with friends and of course as a group. It can also be played against other players, so you always get your money’s worth. Airsoft is suitable for almost any age group, but younger children should of course be accompanied by their parents. Children are allowed to play on the field from 12 years onward.

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